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The pictorial representation in Figure 1 indicates the essence of the UKZN Strategic Plan 2017-2021. The purpose of the Institution is captured in the centre – Inspiring Greatness. The purpose is surrounded by the issues pertaining to the institutional climate and culture the University seeks to achieve (e.g. Excellence, Transformation, Service Culture and Innovation and Entrepreneurship). Inspiring Greatness underscores the centrality of the REACHT values, and outlines the pillars required to achieve the institutional culture objectives. The climate and culture ring is surrounded by the four strategic Goals and four Enablers that inform the substance of the strategy. The entire strategy wheel is surrounded by the outcome of the University’s collective endeavours – the Vision to be the Premier University of African Scholarship.

Figure 1: UKZN Strategic Plan 2017-2021, at a glance.

strategy glance figure 1